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Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychological Services for Children and Adults

Getting the most from education

School can be a challenge for any number of reasons.  Boredom, anxiety, specific learning disabilities, social or emotional stress and attention difficulties are only some of the common trials that children, youth, and even adults face at school.  In order to succeed in the classroom, it can be helpful to understand what may be getting in the way of learning.

A psychological assessment can offer insight into the learning challenges and provide guidance to help overcome or manage these problems. The goal of a psychological assessment is ultimately to foster a happier and more successful educational experience.


Psychoeducational Assessments (ages 6 – adulthood)
Neuropsychological Assessments (ages 6 – Adulthood)
Child and Adolescent Psychological Assessments (ages 6 – 19)
Recommendations and consultation regarding learning support needs and/or behavioural support

Phone: 250 516-6692. Office Address: 209-2186 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC V8R 1G3

Dr. Laila Thaiss is registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (#1583)



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